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Coco Alinsug

Lynn City Hall, March 2021

Throwing My
Hat in The Ring

On March 25th, 2021 accompanied by my husband, Peter Cipriano, I went to the Election Office at Lynn City Hall to pull nomination papers for this year’s Lynn election. Aside from Peter, I purposefully picked three (3) important Lynn people in my life to come with me. I am not superstitious, but I like the number 3 and it represents the number of the ward that I am running for as City Councilor.

These three people have each meant something special to me on my journey in Lynn. First, my Aunt MA Deiulis who has been a resident of Lynn for 50 years and opened her doors to me 18 years ago when I came to Massachusetts from California needing a restart. She supported me through everything when I was new to the area and not ready to make it on my own. She made me delicious meals, helped me buy clothes, introduced me to people she knows, and even helped me find work.

Next, my good friend, Sunil Gulab, who I met at 47 Central in Lynn. He and I instantly became close friends. Sunil offered a room in his house so Peter and I could start our lives here in Lynn together. I remember we had nothing at that time, but Sunil was there to make sure we had everything we needed. Peter and I are still so thankful to our friend for his support. Sunil is also a fellow board member of Goldfish Pond Association (GPA). With our creative talents, we decorate the pond on Fun 'N Flea Days each year. We decorate the boats for kid's rides as well. We also organize and emcee events, memorials, and celebrations at Goldfish Pond, help maintain and clean the pond, and help the association and the neighborhood in any way we can.

Finally, my dear friend, Kirsten Freni, who has been my partner in community work for as long as I have been in Lynn. I can still remember Kirsten and I talking with people in the middle of downtown Lynn while delivering gloves, scarfs and hats in the winter months. You could have also found us inside a health van until 3am, providing HIV/STI tests and food to the homeless of Lynn, or working with LGBT youth on the North Shore, or organizing the Pride flag raising at Lynn City Hall every year.

Since moving here 18 years ago, I have always been committed to this city and have always been engaged in the community through volunteer efforts. Over the course of all these years, I have met so many wonderful people and formed so many meaningful bonds, but Aunt Marylou, Sunil, and Kirsten truly represent Peter's and my foundation here in Lynn. I am so happy, and quite emotional, that they could all be here with me during this landmark moment in my life.

I will be collecting signatures from registered voters in a safe and organized manner starting Monday, March 29th. I will be bringing hand sanitizers, gloves and a bunch of pens! If you're from Ward 3, please message me here, email me, call/text me at 781-913-3747, or Facebook Messenger me — whatever you are comfortable with —  and let's plan a time to meet up (socially distanced, of course)!

Also, if you have any extra money that you want to give to my campaign, please click this link. Your donation will help me, and more importantly our ward, move forward!

With all my love,

Coco Alinsug

Candidate for City Councilor, Ward 3, Lynn

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Coco Alinsug
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